Change logs

V2.3.0 | 13-06-2022
Mobile App
Updated translation system
Support flutter 3.0.2
Fix bugs
V2.0.0 | 27-03-2021
Mobile App
New languages (Arabic & Korean)
Allow account deletion
Migrated to support flutter v2
Change theme color from settings page
V1.0.5 | 18-02-2021
Register with phone number from web
Show dashboard link on home page if authenticated
Fix bugs
V1.0.4 | 15-02-2021
Create & Join meeting from web
Fixed Firebase Android build bug
Fix bugs
V1.0.3 | 08-02-2021
Web Forgot Password via Firebase Phone Auth
V1.0.2 | 02-02-2021
Forgot Password via Firebase Phone Auth
Admin panel system updater and Terminal
V1.0.0 | 04-01-2021
Initial Release